Love Letters

What our students are saying

This workshop is one in a million. The choice of audience indicates the high value of the service attached to the exercise. It is hoped that the beneficiaries would be able to transfer the lessons learnt to others. (Cdre Emmanuel O Enemor)

I urge that workshops of this nature be extensive to accommodate a bigger audience at first hand. The consideration of this workshop for national leaders is to be considered. It will facilitate a positive paradigm shift. 

Very good. Resources should be made available in high schools as part of civic education. Resources should be presented to the political elites to influence choices. 

It is best to deliver it to the children in primary and secondary schools before they form wrong opinions on patriotism. Waking up or lighting the fire of patriotism in people is not cheap. 

This should be introduced to the nation through schools and junior officers of organization and the mass media. The transformation needs to be holistic to drive home the required change.


More comments from our students 

The workshop is like a “bible” for future leadership and ownership of any nation.

Treated the ideals and current issues in development of Nigeria.

The workshop is like a “bible” for future leadership and ownership of any nation.

Treated the ideals and current issues in development of Nigeria.

The relevance of the vision discussed and quality of slides made the presentation excellent.

Excellent quality and delivery.

A well-deserved rating consequent upon the depth and determination to bring transformation through change management.

The course can stimulate very good patriotism

…it addressed boldly how changes occur and the method available to manage it, with illustration on how others outside Nigeria did it.

It is relevant to contemporary Nigeria and Africa.

The course content is relevant to the Nigerian Navy quest for transformation in line with the nation’s transformation agenda.

Highly rewarding but short lived.

The characters examined were impeccable and very suitable. The lectures were precise and thought provoking throughout. You are moved to imbibe change almost immediately.

Highly rewarding but short lived.

Every question that was asked was answered in a very professional manner. There is much to do to steer up the minds of people in the right direction. This course material will do it if properly digested.

Not enough time was given for the program.

The package is quite educational, illuminating and would be very beneficial to participants in performing their duties and responsibilities a lot better.

The facilitators were eloquent and rich in experience.

There was no straight jacket answer; answers provided threw up opportunities for more reflection.

The lessons were delivered in a manner that kept all participants awake and alert in the limited time provided.

I was quite impressed with the professionalism of the facilitator and the course presentation was well organized.

…the lectures were easy to understand as the presenters chose illustrations that were realistic to our situation.

The program was well packaged, well delivered and well organized. I am better informed. This seminar should be replicated in all commands in the NN.

The organizers have a passion and grasp of the subject.